how did I get here? where to start?

I know what you are thinking…

Great, another blog about personal finance where the blogger has it all figured out already. With post after post about how you need to live a frugal life, save 80% of your income, and all the other things that go along with financial freedom.

Well.. this ain’t that type of blog and I ain’t that type of blogger. In fact, I have never had the urge to write a blog, ever. A short while before I sat down to write this, I actually googled “how to start a blog for beginners”. About an hour of reading later, here I am. Blogging.

A quick background on who I am. I’m a mid-thirties, middle-class husband who lives in a normal starter house with a yard in an up-and-coming neighborhood. I work a normal nine-to-five seven-to-four job that pays great. My wife works as well and we have no kids. Just dogs.. five in total right now (three of our own, two fosters).

How did I get here?

A month ago, while doing my 2018 taxes I had a moment. Not an a-ha moment but a moment of feeling lukewarm. A moment when I saw our totals earned for 2018 next to 2017 which made me want to see what I earn in 2016 and 2015. Looking back and adding up all our past incomes I came up with this number. $394,340.00. Over the past four years we have made almost $400k but what the hell did I have to show for it. Sure a house, two cars, some home improvements, furniture, stuff, other stuff, even more stuff, and a small about of savings. But I owe 93% still on our house note. And I owe on both cars. I have a credit card I am currently carrying a balance on. Nothing. I have nothing really to show for it. As I sat there in my lukewarm state, I thought something has to change. I need to do better. I am tired of working my ass off just to pay down debt, buy groceries, and sit on the couch to watch the next streaming service limited series.

Where to start?

That is a good question and a question I don’t have an answer to yet but that is something I will cover over the next few blog posts. I suspect it will involve a lot of self-discovery and honesty.

So why start a blog? Simple. I need a way to hold my self accountable. And what better way than to throw my most personal part of my life out on the interwebs for everyone to read, critique, and judge.

Have you ever seen this meme I used for this post?

This is me. This has been my life up until this point but I am tired of it. Tired of the same thing month in and month out. Work, stress, pay debt, repeat.

It is time for a change. It is time to… shut up and save money.

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